Costa Blanca, an ideal place to live the rest of your life

Did you know that living on the Costa Blanca can promote your health? The Costa Blanca is one of the most demanded places to live and it has many characteristics that make it a special and unique place to enjoy life. Sea, mountain, history, culture ... A typical Mediterranean landscape in which the beaches are interspersed with mountainous terrain forming paradisiac coves. Colourful, dreamlike landscapes with beaches of fine golden sand, turquoise and temperate waters ... the Costa Blanca has treasures that make it an ideal destination to buy a holiday home or to spend the rest of your life. In addition, if Costa Blanca is characterized by something it is the quality of life it offers, a quiet place to disconnect and enjoy free time, an exceptional climate recommended by the WHO World Health Organization, which has recognized that the climate of Costa Blanca is one of the best in the world. Specifically we can speak about the Marina Alta, Dénia, one of the localities that make up this coast and that has a very healthy climate conditions for diseases of the heart, circulation, lungs, rheumatism, arthritis and asthmatic discomfort. The Montgó mountain, provides its magnesium minerals to the climate of Dénia and the sea breeze permeates our lungs acting as a natural spray, very rich in iodine, and its moisture degree favours the expulsion of mucus, in addition to help us to relax and to disconnect, which reduces stress and worries. It is not that the residents of the Costa Blanca do not worry about anything, but with these conditions everything is more bearable. Specifically, the city of Dénia offers its inhabitants comfort and services of a big city but with the benefits and quality of life of a small town on the Costa Blanca. The tranquillity of walking through streets of friendly and relaxed people, who live in a different way, a slower way, that allows you to enjoy the good living day by day and makes you forget the rush, stress, charged atmosphere. And this also takes care of your personal health and the health of your beloved ones. This area is ideal whether you come on holiday, or if you decide to stay to live, whether you come as a family, as a couple or alone ... it has all the features you can imagine or desire, combined with a better climate, and another way of living, calmer way of living, enjoying more your daily life and unique moments in any corner of the Marina Alta on the Costa Blanca. We have the perfect home for you and if we don’t we create it for you.