There are fashion and new trends that appear year after year, but the style is a bit different. Style is what always exists, this touch that shows who you really are. And your house has it too. These are the different styles that have been preserved over time and are still the favorites when it comes to decorating a new house Modern Style: This style is characterized by its functionality and the use of straight lines in its forms. Apart from the simplicity and the elimination of unnecessary details, nothing was charged. In this style we cannot abuse the use of accessories, because the furniture we have chosen must stand out naturally. The modern style improves the access to natural light and uses white light at night to illuminate the different rooms. The materials for a modern style are: wood, lacquered, agglomerates, also glass, metal or leather. The colors we use for decoration are colors that offer clarity, mainly white, gray, black, beige or brown. To always achieve a good combination, use no more than three colors. Scandinavian style: The Scandinavian style creates comfortable and simple spaces that are closely linked to the minimalist style. The first thing that draws our attention to this style is the color and the ability to create peace and tranquility. The white color is the main actor and gives the impression of width and brightness that characterize this style. For furniture, wood is the best choice, naturally light colors or white. The types of wood that will use the most for this style are maple, pine, beech or oak. The lighting is very important for this style to appear. That is why we must use natural light as much as possible. And when it comes to artificial light, it is important to use clear, strong light and always place it without creating dark shadows that overshadow the environment. This is without a doubt one of the styles that are most used today. Industrial style: The industrial style has as main feature the feeling of spaciousness of the spaces, so we often see high ceilings and large windows in this style. Another feature of the style is the construction. To achieve a good industrial style, the pillars, beams and columns must be visible. In addition, pipes are used for installations exposed. The materials we use to achieve this style are steel, brick and cement. The furniture we use is vintage second hand furniture or furniture in rustic style. And the colors for the decoration are mainly gray, metallic hues, white, black, brown.   Minimalistic style: With this style is what we want to simplify. Because this style is based on simplicity and functionality, away from unnecessary decoration. The straight lines in the furniture used are one of the most important points and the walls are completely nude or with a photo, but not loaded. In this style, every element must have its functionality and usability. This gives us a great sense of space and order, because these two qualities must prevail in this style. You can use lacquered wood, artificial leather, ceramic, clay or aluminum as materials. The minimalist style doesn't have to be boring, so you have to use clear color elements to break a bit with the rest of the house color. But you should never use more than two strong colors. Classic style: The classic style remains more relevant than ever. This style fills your home with sophistication and elegance. The colors for the house and everything related to the decoration in this style must be in addition to white and gray in soft colors and creamy tones to achieve a good combination that gives the house style elegance. The classic style comes from the empty rooms, so we need many decorative elements. This does not mean that we have to fill every void. But we must decorate carefully so as not to fall into minimalism or to burden ourselves with much. We use noble wood such as beech, oak or cherry for materials and furniture. We can also use textiles such as velvet or silk, pillows, floor lamps or hangers and paintings with large frames for decoration. The recommended materials for a classic style are porcelain, glass or bronze. What style suits you? Which decorative style is more suitable for your personality? We would like to know.