New build – Resale

If you are considering buying a new home and you do not know whether to build a new home or buy an existing home, we will discuss the main pros and cons that you will have with one of these two decisions today. In houses that have already been built or are called "resale", we must first know that we will hardly ever find a home that meets all our expectations. RESALE:

Pros - At this point, the location and environment where the existing home is built is usually an important and decisive factor. - For homes that have already been built, the transfer time from the moment of purchase to acquisition is faster. - It is possible to renovate it with small details according to your wishes

Cons - At least the homes that are currently on the market are about 10 years old and / or older, and the profit that must be achieved in the event that they want to sell in the future is much lower than with a new house. - The lack of adaptation to existing rules on a structural level. - The low energy efficiency influences a higher daily consumption of electricity and water

There are more benefits to new-build homes that are built according to plan and these are the following


- The house is designed as we use it and want to enjoy it. - We know that the house meets the new building rules and with more extensive checks in progress than 10 years ago - We will have a new home, which is always an excellent investment, because when it comes to selling, we can achieve a higher return than with a resale of 10 year old properties. - Newly built houses must be fully efficient from 2020 and therefore reduce energy consumption, because the energy produced by the house must be the same as that used.


- Due to the local restructuring of the management plans, the plots are currently scarcer and more valuable than a few years ago. - The m2 price has risen slightly in recent years due to legal requirements for construction methods and the materials used. - The average execution time of a house from receipt of the building permit to completion is usually 8 to 12 months

A common point in both decisions, which must of course be carefully considered. Is the advice of a professional contractor with experience, so that there are no surprises in the process. If the location is important to you, there are always construction companies such as Real Denia Building that are looking for the best plot for you, so your new home is exactly where you want it and with the facilities you need. At Real Denia Building we take care of everything, you just have to choose the location, style and size, we take care of the rest. After reading the main advantages and disadvantages of buying or building a house, you will be asked to reconsider everything in order to make a decision