Real Denia

Villa Ávila Els Poblets

Imagine having a house in which you have everything at hand, all on one floor, as accessible now as when you grow older and do not want to climb a single step, not because you cannot, simply because you do not want... Imagine a house where you are in the kitchen and the sun comes in early in the morning and heats the whole house while you are having coffee and enjoying that smell of orange blossom and sea that characterizes our land. Well, here you are, LIGHT, FUNCTIONALITY, SIMPLICITY AND DESIGN have never been more in harmony than in the house we built in Els Poblets... From here, you can do a short walk and be at the sea, or go by bike to do your daily shopping, if that is what you fancy... or you simply stay in your garden sunbathing, or gathering with your friends for a barbecue... Do you want to view? We invite you to visit the house whenever you want! Nevertheless, start looking at these beautiful photos and let your imagination fly.

Bedrooms: 3
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